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Choosing a make-up artist

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Choosing a makeup artist?

Getting ready for a big event can be daunting, especially if you will be photographed and the center of attention. You know you want to hire a make-up artist to help you get ready. The process of finding a make-up artist you trust can be daunting, especially if you will be attending a big event where you will be the guest of honour, such as your wedding. How can you be sure to find a make-up artist whose service you will be happy with?

  • A reputable company. If possible, contact a make-up artist through a company that has a great reputation. Find out how the company does their hiring. Do they typically hire people right out of school, or do they prefer to hire artists with more experience?

  • If the event is high profile, you will need a company who specializes in creating make-up looks that will look great when photographed or on captured on film. Ask around to find the company with the best credentials and highest rate of success.

  • Do a test run. - Hire the make-up artist before the event a few weeks prior to do a test run. Wear the same outfit you will be wearing. If you like the look, you can hire them again to do the same thing on your big day. Explain to the artist that if the test run goes well, you will hire them for the event. Do this well ahead of time. If things donít work out, youíll want plenty of time to find another make-up artist.

  • Once youíve selected a make-up artist, ask them some information about their background. Where did they go to school? What experience do they have? Ask for references .

  • Try to find clients of theirs on your own, too. If you ask for references, you will probably get in touch with people who will focus in the positive. You want to know any negative information, if it exists.

Once you find an artist you are comfortable with and who meets all your criteria, book them right away! Chances are, if they are as good as you suspect, their schedule should be pretty full.

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