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Eye make-up tips

Make-Up Tips

Eye Makeup Tips

Your eyes are often the first things people see
when they look at you. Make-up can help enhance
themeven more, especially if you choose colors and
techniques that best compliment your eye color,
skin tone, and eye shape. Here are some eye make-up
tips that will help you accentuate this
prominent feature.

  • Define your brows - Well defined eyebrows are essential to creating a polished look. Make sure you remove any stray hairs with a pair of tweezers before you apply your make-up. You can also have them waxed at a salon. After you remove the stray hairs, you can define them further by using a brow pencil that matches the shade of your eyebrows. Skip the pencil if your eyebrows are already thick.

  • Use eye makeup base - Another great eye make-up tip is to use eye make-up base. This is a product that helps your eye makeup stay fresh and not crease or fade halfway through your day. You may need to test a few products before finding one that works for you.

  • Curl your Lashes - Another indispensable make-up tip is to curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara. Curling them after mascara causes your lashes to fall out. Everyone can benefit from this step, even those who already have full, curly lashes. It just helps further accentuate your eyes.

  • Choose your colors - There are so many options, how can you choose eye make up colors that best compliment your eye color and complexion? Well, you can buy a kit with a lot of different shades and experiment, visit make up counters and test out the products, or consult an expert to have your colors done. It is best to have the supplies for a few different looks. You may need to change your eye make-up routine depending on the season, time of day, or what you are wearing.

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