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Get the most from your makeover

Make-Up Tips

Get the Most from Your Makeover

You decided to have a professional makeover. Perhaps you need to learn how to apply make-up correctly. Maybe you wanted to have a professional show you the latest techniques and trends. Or, perhaps you need an updated look. No matter your reason, here is some advice on how to get the most out of your makeover.

  • Your needs - Make sure you tell the make-up artist exactly why you want a makeover so they can choose the right colors and techniques. If you need an appropriate look to wear to the office, say so. If you fail to tell the artist why you need a makeover, they may apply colors that are inappropriate for your intended situation.

  • Wear the right clothes - If you want to learn how to apply make-up that goes with a certain dress, wear the dress. If you need a look for the office, wear your favourite suit. When you do this, you give the makeup artist a visual clue that will help inspire them to make great choices when it comes to color and technique.

  • Ask questions - If they are applying make-up using a technique you’ve never used before, ask questions. Make sure you understand what they are doing so you can replicate it at home. Makeovers can be a great learning experience.

  • Take notes - If appropriate, take notes. Right down which colors they used. Talk about any special techniques. If you love the products they used, make sure you ask them if you can purchase them. Ask which brand they were and the exact names of the shades. If your goal is to purchase the exact colors they use, make sure they use make-up that you can easily obtain. Some make-up artists use kits that are only intended for professional use.

Practice right away - After your makeover, go home and take off your makeup. Reapply it right away using the same colors and techniques. If you practice right away, this reinforces the information you just learned. If you wait too long before you do this, you may forget a lot of what was learned.

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