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Why Choose Cliff?


Why have your Make-up done
Professionally for your Wedding?

Often a bride will not bat an eyelash at hiring a professional hairdresser to come to her house or hotel for her wedding day hairdo and pay substantially for it, yet she will throw away her investment by choosing to do her own make-up and later lament her decision after seeing the wedding photos.

Simply put, professionally applied make-up will help complete the look you spent so many months pulling together. Just a simple application that takes into consideration your unique features can have surprising effects. Melding talent, skill, training and experience; together with a Professional Photographer, Cliff can produce amazing results in your photographs.

With so many options to choose from, selecting a person to help you feel your most beautiful on your special occasion can be difficult. You already have so many choices to make, Cliff strives to set himself apart so at least one decision is easy for you to make.

- You'll know who your artist will be before your event, and will have developed a line of communication.

Itís a big day for you! Cliff understands that only your nearest and dearest are of comfort during a time when emotions may be running high. He wants to make sure that you donít feel as if you have hired a company, rather a person, to cater to your event.

With many companies, you simply hire the company and hope that the work you have seen is a direct result of the artist that shows up on your wedding day.

With a few exceptions, every artist has examples of the work she has done on the website. And, as with every artist, they each have their own style of hair and makeup. This is one way that "YourWeddingMakeup" makes sure you have a complete and customized experience that fits you.

We provide a professional mobile makeup service so you can be made up in the convenience and comfort of your own surroundings.

" YourWedding Makeup is a small company. It started out with my love for make-up artistry, and a desire to help brides look their best!

Even as I grow in my career, I remain very grounded and down to earth.

My clients do include high end executives and even higher end celebrities, but I understand that YOU are still important and that itís imperative that you get the attention YOU deserve. It is understood that itís YOUR opinion, not mine, that matters on your big day. I donít 'push' a product or look onto you. - If asked, I'll happily offer suggestions."

Your wedding is one of the most special
and memorable days of your life.

Your look will be captured in your photographs forever so its important you choose a makeup style that flatters and most importantly makes you look and feel breathtakingly beautiful. A soft and natural look is always flattering or perhaps something pretty and romantic is more your taste. Maybe youíre a girl whom loves a bit of glamour or perhaps a sleek and seductive look is more you.

Bridal makeup is not just about applying makeup, itís an art. When creating the perfect look for your big day I take into consideration the style and theme of your wedding, the colour of both your gown and your bridesmaids gowns and flowers, the time of your ceremony as well as your own unique beauty.

Prior to your wedding I highly recommend we meet for a makeup trial. Trials usually take an hour to an hour and a half. At your trial we will discuss details of your wedding such as the style, theme and colors, then I work closely with you to create the perfect look for your big day.

After the trial I take two snapshots of you so I have a visual record of the look created as well as completing a face chart where l record all the products I used. I then ask you to confirm your booking by completing a makeup contract which details your contact numbers, address for the wedding day and number of people requiring makeup. For convenience I can also supply touch up lipstick and lip glosses on your wedding day.

On your wedding day I travel to your location to re-create the look decided upon on your trial. I allow approximately 1 hour for the bride and 30 minutes each for bridesmaids and mothers. Makeup is preferably applied once hair has been completed.

Prior to departing I will ensure that you and your entire bridal party are looking absolutely gorgeous and picture perfect.


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